For the People by the People

The Station that covers the South West of the UK and Beyond

These are the GOALS that I have thought of to which are to be tweeked and agreed on by new committee

The main aim is to have an Internet Station as more people now a days listen either on the computers or on the mobile phones. If in the future we decide to go FM then so be it but that’s not our aim at the beginning

Firstly Proper Studios to be in Yeovil which are easily accessible and for both able bodied and disabled with its own parking.

The Station will be for everyone, No one is to be discriminated from. Although all members will be chosen carefully for the background, eg if they have certain criminal records then they may have to be aware and make sure situations are safe.

The Station will be for the community for the Yeovil and Surrounding area not for anywhere outside the area, unless there is a community connection.

I am wanting the everyone in the community to have an opportunity to be involved in the station I am not worried about, Age, Abilities, Race, Sexuality, Anybody!

The station will have a reception area which will be open to everyone, and for people to come in, have a chat, help out, But the Studio and Office shall be a Invited area, as these areas are broadcastable areas where things to be broadcasted have to be monitored.

The main points of the station will be, Bringing information to the local community by the local community. Giving people the opportunity to try something new even if that means they mean a lot of help. Not telling people they can’t do something, but trying a different way of doing it.

I want local groups to be involved from Schools, Cubs, Churches, WI’s, Disabilities, Council, Day Centres, Hospital, Charities, Homeless, Etc Etc Etc

If certain groups of people, EG Disabled and elderly cannot make it to the studio, we have to go to them as everyone has a good story to be told to the people of the area.

From the Beginning these are shows that have to be covered

Daily Breakfast show, Keeping people informed of local News and Roads Must be LIVE

Daily Drive Time show again keeping people informed on local goings on and Roads etc.

All other shows can be recorded and played as live if required.


I would also like in the long run to see the following shows

Each school to have an inputted show or a show by that school it could be a weekly show or a monthly show where we have a report of what’s going on etc.

Local Sports show

Shows presented by all ages to show the whole of what’s going on for everyone

Events Show/ What’s on guild

Local theatre groups putting on a radio show (Non Professional)

Local Venues letting us record entertainment where we can put on a show with that entertainment

Community Style Chat show

A Pure Youngsters show, where apart from making sure content and rules are kept to, there are no adults involved.

And Question and Answer show for local people

The station would be run under strict rules which would be agreed on by the committee, and the members,

The Managers have to run an open door / EASY contact system where any member can come to them with ideas and problems, and its then the responsibility to make sure that the idea or problem is passed to the correct person. Does not matter how stupid it sounds, but , from a stupid idea, a few twists and turns a fantastic idea is born. And the original person will be credited with the original idea.

The station will run a NO SECRET organisation the only time this changes if there is a complaint that has to be sorted but it will then be kept as confidential to the organisation and only the people that need to know will know personal information.

Our Aim of the Day shows

Week Days:

0800 – 1300: Breakfast show to include Travel reports, Local News, and interesting stories plus a couple of silly quizzes for no prizes

1300 – 1600: Day Time shows

1600 – 1800: Drive time, To include Travel Reports, Local news and Other local information.

1800 – 0000: Various local shows by local people. Can be themed shows etc but must have a local feel.