For the People by the People

The Station that covers the South West of the UK and Beyond

Would you like to be on our committee to help run this fantastic project, if you would, please go to the contact page and send us your details

Here is a List of our Committee and Management Positions

Tier One:

Director One:

Director Two:

Director Three:

Child Protection Officer:

Tier Two:

Station Manager: Robbie Hunter

Secretary: Dave

Treasurer: Sarah

Studio Manager: Robin Strickland

Technical Manager: The Face

Technical Assistant and Web Builder: The Hitman and Sludge

Tier Three:

Program Manager: Robin Strickland

Fundraising Manager:

Events Co-Ordinator:

Member's Manager: Dave

Training Manager: Robbie Hunter

Youth Coordinator:

Public Liason: Robbie Hunter

Some of the positions can be taken on by more than one person. if you are interested please

Contact us